AlcoQuant 6020 Plus Alcohol Breathalyser + Passive

$995.00 ex GST

Device features:

  1. Active Mode (blow into) test – 3 decimal place BAC result
  2. Passive Mode (talk into) screen – yes/no result if alcohol is present
  3. Shock, dust and water resistant
  4. Accuracy better than +/- 10% as per AS3547
  5. Less than 275g including batteries
  6. A 3 year warranty
  7. Australian Standard Certified – AS3547
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The AlcoQuant 6020 plus has become the leading hand held breathalyser in Australia, Europe and the UK. This device tests the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) percentage in the the breath with exceptional accuracy and reliability. Results are displayed in 3 decimal places.

Currently, 23 law enforcement organisations, including UK Police and the United Nations, use this device for testing. Made in Germany by Honeywell, you can be assured that this device is quality built.

What is passive mode

This variant of the AlcoQuant 6020 plus includes a passive mode along with the standard active mode.

Passive mode is a quicker way to screen your workforce as it only requires subjects to talk into the breathalyser, rather than blow into a mouthpiece. This mode reduces the time it takes for pre-shift screening. However, passive mode does not test the BAC percentage, but only whether alcohol is present. If you want to test the BAC percentage, you will need to switch the device to active mode.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x AlcoQuant 6020 Plus Alcohol Breathalyser + Passive
  • 25 x disposable testing mouthpieces
  • 1 x high visibility pouch
  • 1 x carry case
  • 4 x AA alkaline batteries included (re-chargeable battery option now available, please enquire)


This device requires calibration every 12 months or 5000 tests, whichever occurs first, as per requirements of Australian Standard AS3547: 2019 – Breath alcohol testing devices. If the device is not calibrated it ceases to be operational.

How to Calibrate

We partner with another organisation in the sale and calibration of these devices. So all you need to do is call Breathalyser Sales & Service on 1300 999 200 when your device is due for calibration and they will book you in. You can also visit their website for details about their calibration service.

When to Calibrate

Your device will display a calibration due date every time you turn it on.

More Mouthpieces

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Alcoquant 6020 Plus Breathalyser Instruction Manual - Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some common questions when purchasing drug and alcohol testing equipment.  If you still need some clarification please don't hesitate to contact or call 1300 591 548.

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